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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Dunbar Village Update: Do Y'all Want to Roll to South Carolina to Shame Some Politicians on MLK Day?

First, from Essential Presence, here is an update on the latest FOOLISHNESS emanating out of West Palm Beach, Florida.


Seems they could have used that $100,000 security grant for something else because one of the residents isn't too happy with them. She was outside trying to take care of her vehicle that broke down and was told to leave because she was loitering (nevermind that she lives there). Though, in her words they aren't "harassing the guys that are hanging in tree and hanging out by the wall."

A two-year old actually ate paint off the walls. He could actually peel the paint off the walls and eat it. Thankfully he's okay but with all the outcry over the lead in toys from China you would think paint peeling off of 67-year-old barracks-style apartments would warrant a lil bit of attention right? Wrong. I guess since HUD has its own Office of Healthy Homes and Lead Hazard Control everything is safe? .....lets be safe, I'll call 1-800-LEAD-FYI on Monday to see if they can tell me if Dunbar Village is safe.

The property managers (the government) were contacted but did so little (read: nothing) that residents contacted the mayor's office. The mayor's office (tired of these folks killing her about that damn Dunbar Village) sent an e-mail to the housing authority/property manager to take care of it.

They were on the J-O-B after that...WRONG! Two weeks later still NOTHING. So if there isn't any news by tomorrow the news crews will be contacted again. The mayor better get on it. Phil Mancusi, a political science professor at Palm Beach Community College, is already leading the charge to have Lois recalled (http://www.wpbcia.com/).

Maintenance is horrible. Mildew is everywhere and what is the property manager's response? "Well, if they would clean up they wouldn't have that problem." Poor means dirty I guess. She didn't even bother to see the condition of the person who was complaining. Oh, she said this to a city commissioner when the city commissioner called to ask why something wasn't being done.

You can call the Dunbar Village property manager at 561.655.8530 Thats the front desk. Just ask for Veronica Jenkins

Want to call Laurel Robinson, our favorite Housing Authority Executive, directly? Call her at 561.655.8530 extension 108. Her email address is LROBINSON@WPBHA.ORG>

. Here is Laurel at a meeting with the residents after the rape. I cant abuse my MCT access by posting the clear version on my personal blog but you get the idea.

Have little fear though, the West Palm Beach Housing Authority have been moving people in. Though they still don't know who they have living on their property. Oh such minor little details.

They don't let the residents know about the meeting the board has and if they do notify people its at the last minute and some people are made aware and others don't even know about it. Now, in Homeowners Association meetings you have to give at least 48 hours and they must be posted where everyone can see them...a bulletin board or posted at the entrance. But for all their talk about how the residents aren't involved they don't WANT them to be involved. I'm sure you guys know that from some of the things you're involved in.


I told you guys when I went down there how beautiful it was. And Dunbar Village is next to the water. You know they dont think po' Negroes can fully appreciate living near the crystal blue water.

Dunbar Village is in a NO-FLOOD ZONE, its near City Place (pretty, so pretty) and the water. There is no way they are NOT going to build high rises, condos and all the fanciness that is the West Palm Beach you thought of before the gang rape.

Remember I told you about Merry Place... Check out the bottom of "Lois Frankel is uncaring, is she crooked too?"

Some of the cheapest homes (if not THE cheapest) are $160,000 in Merry Place (where they tore down public housing and bought out poor Black homeowners). If you're currently paying $100 for rent are you going to be able to afford a $160,000 home? Hmm, mixed income ain't that mixed. I did see a condo for $116,000.

After that reading you didn't forget to call Laurel and Veronica did you? Make a call. Why not? You got a couple of minutes to be a royal pain in the ass to someone don't you? I always make time--it brings me joy.SOURCE

WAOD's First (technically second) Road Trip

How ticked are you that leaders both within and outside of the African American community appear to be ignoring violence against Black women and children or any number of issues and concerns related to the African American community? Where is the proposal for fibroid research? Where is the proposal to combat crime or domestic violence in the African American community? Where is the repudiation of all of these hip hop artists that held fundraisers for the top Democratic candidates?

Apparently, as we have seen this week, squeaky wheels get greased. Apparently we (that would be BLACK women and the men who love and care for us)aren't making enough noise.

Now originally I have been contemplating Iowa, but SC make a whole lot more sense because A) It ain't cold as the dickens in January and B)SC is fairly close to Atlanta and Florida where a lot of y'all live. I say we roll to SC wearing shirts that say "ASK ME WHY I THINK CLINTON-OBAMA-EDWARDS DON'T CARE ABOUT BLACK WOMEN AND CHILDREN"

What do you think? Maybe we should go MLK weekend? What a great way to celebrate MLK Day.

Who is in? "Injustice ANYWHERE is injustice EVERYWHERE" Just a thought.

Let that Marinate!