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Monday, October 29, 2007

Essence Magazine's Exclusive Interview With Genarlow Wilson: When Will The interview they Girls

Y'all know our stance has consistently been to point out the fact that folks have completely tossed aside the two girls in the Genarlow Wilson case. We have always maintained that the 8th Amendment argument was a legitimate one, but making that argument didn't necessitate trying to minimize what happened in that hotel room that night. Let's not forget that the 17 year old ( I guess she's 19 or 20) girl has maintained throughout that she was gang raped and the snippet of video played on cable news corroborates that she was A) Drunk or B) completely passed out.

So explain to me WHY Wilson is being portrayed as a conquering hero? Well Essence magazine has an interview with Wilson up on their site. I hope this isn't the complete interview. The interview is supposed to appear in their January issue.

ESSENCE: I hear the tape from the party is hard to watch. What were you all thinking?
WILSON: Yeah, at the time we were just living in the moment. We didn’t know that what we were doing was breaking the law. We were just being teenagers.

Um my how times have changed because back in the olden days we knew that 15 would get you 20. Lots of folks have said the 15 year old "consented". I remind you that 15 year olds cant consent to getting a spray on tan or their ears pierced, therefore, she could not have consented to having sex with up to six boys while they basically made her into a porn star.
ESSENCE:Share your thoughts on the case and well-wishes for Genarlow below.

Essence, what about thoughts and well wishes for the two girls in the case? What about the 17 year old? Where was the outrage that the girls in the case received death threats or that the 15 year old's own Mama wouldn't stand up for her own child against exploitation.

When we were all growing up we did stupid stuff thank goodness we didn't have YouTube and celebrity sex tapes. Our mistakes are merely memories. Today teenager's mistakes are memorialized on video for all eternity.

I wish Genarlow Wilson well. I hope he leads a productive life, but let's not deify him by basically calling him Jesus.

I hope Essence, a women's magazine asked about the two girls in this case and how this case turned their lives upside down as well.

Why is it that all of our conquering heroes these days appear to be young black men going into or out of jail? Jena 6, T.I., Genarlow Wilson, OJ ( just kidding)? In the words of one of my favorite sites... "Something in the milk ain't clean."