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Monday, October 1, 2007

Megan Williams Assistance Fund Established

After a lot of behind the scenes wrangling, we finally have obtained an "official" place where folks can send donations to Megan Williams.In short, some folks had set up PayPal accounts, the Sherrif's office was telling people to send donations to them, lots of behind the scenes drama, so I wasn't going to publicize any "funds" until somebody with some semblance of a fiduciary resonsibility to Megan came on board. That appears to be Chase Bank.

Poor Fallon had to meet my rigorous standards and she hustled, tracking down everybody and their grandmama in West Virginia and she has finally obtained some success. You can find more out about her trials and tribulations in just getting in contact with a family representative to know where to direct donations by going over to her blog, Document the Silence. Go drop Fallon an e-mail thanking her for hustling and putting up with me.

Hello All,

I have confirmation that Megan and her family have established a savings account for Megan through Chase Bank Branches. Basically, if people want to donate money to Megan they can write a check payable to The Welana Megan Williams Trust and drop the check at any Chase bank.

I confirmed all of this with the Rev. Emmanuel Ferguson, the family representative, and Ms. Parson's the director of Chase Banks in Charleston who confirmed that Megan and her family have completed the paper work for the Chase account. Rev. Ferguson said the Chase account is the only place where Megan should receive funds.

Fallon, Document the Silence

For additional information, contact Fallon over at Document the Silence.

Update from Fallon:
Thanks for the shout out.

In my desire to get the information to you and others, I made three mistakes. The three corrections are:

1. The Chase Bank representative is Jerry Ann Parkson and her number is (contact Fallon)

2. The minister's name is Rev. Emmanuel Halliger at Ferguson Memorial Baptist Church

3. Also, the new blog/website for document the silence is: