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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

NBC NEWS, African American Women: Where They Stand Night 3- Rehema Ellis Redeems Herself - It Wasn't Bad

So tonight was Night 3 of NBC Nightly News series African American Women: Where They Stand.

Here is the video for those of you who missed it ( Y'all know how I do things around here):

Hat Tip to Prometheus 6

Redefining black relationships
Redefining black relationships

Okay Rehema. You redeemed yourself tonight. Rehema Ellis gave us(not us in particular, but bloggers in general) a shout out tonight on NBC Nightly News. Brian Williams had Rahema come to the Nightly News set and Brian and Rahema noted the strong response to the series and that folks were not all ecstatic about it.

I think tonight's was the most “original” piece that NBC has done this week. Sure they regurgitated the same old “Black Women Will Die Old Alone” propaganda, but they managed not to blame us and say we were being to picky and the women that they interviewed weren't irritating in the way that the group they interviewed for the interracial dating panel tapped danced all up under and through my last nerve.

Awesome shout out to Black women who are adopting in historic numbers. I actually thought they were gong to talk about how Black women interact with each other. They highlighted the fact that as a result of the Concubine Conspiracy, entire generations of Black children won't know what it is like to grow up in a two parent household.

But I didn't leave the piece feeling doomed. It actually had a hopeful, poignant bent to it tonight. Rahema looked on the verge of tears. YES I AM GOING EASY ON HER TONIGHT. Y'all know I don't like bullying and I have a soft spot for the underdog and we've given Rahema hell this week. She deserved it after that Monday night debacle, but tonight's piece was much better IMHO.

But I have the feeling that Mara Schiavocampo is about to bring us another bout of “Ignorance personified”. This is what she said on the Daily Nightly, the NBC Nightly News Blog:

And on Friday, I'll be posting a video version of a roundtable discussion on hip-hop's effect on Black women, featuring Irv Gotti, Melyssa Ford, Kevin Powell and Kendra G. Trust me, it's not to be missed. SOURCE

Oh don't worry Mara, we wouldn't miss it for the world. Melyssa Ford and Irv Gotti... Oh I can't wait. My foolishness meter is going berserk right about now.

My only major irritation tonight was that NBC gave a shout out to "Soul Mates" aka “Poor
Little Spinster Sistas”. My friend watched that movie and said it had her despondent and in tears. Don't do it to yourself. Do not watch "Soul Mates " alone. Just. Don't Do It.

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