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Thursday, November 29, 2007

OH Lord: We Do Not HATE Barack Obama... We Just Ain't Enraptured

So my sources tell me that some Obama folks are in a tizzy because of a couple of little posts at my tiny little blog. Now you would think they would be in a tizzy over the fact that Senator Obama has been totally and completely silent on Dunbar Village and other horrific crimes of violence against BLACK WOMEN. You know the BLACK WOMEN that are a huge chunk of the voting block in SC. Yeah, those BLACK WOMEN.

But instead of focusing on asking his staffers why the Senator's Washington staff said he was going to issue a statement back on August 7,2007, but apparently he didn't, they are sitting around trying to figure out how many people read my blog. Well it's called a sitemeter and if you are really clever, you might discover it one day. You should be more distressed however about my technorati rating after a mere six months. THAT ought to terrify y'all

As far as your concern about how many people read this blog, if you knew anything about blogs, you would know that you should be less concerned about how many people read it as opposed to how influential its reader base is (y'all did notice my picture plopped right next to the Senator's in the December issue of ESSENCE didn't y'all- Y'all got to be more vigilant!) and you can't go by the folks who leave comments either(although they are impressive). I am amazed at who reads this blog. You should be far more worried at a terrible knack I and my readers have for stumbling into newspaper and magazine articles. If you think Dunbar Village and this current unrest in the Black community about Black on Black crime is going to go away, you are in a dream world. People are ENRAGED about the silence on Dunbar Village and other crimes against Black women and children

FYI. Clinton knows about Dunbar Village and has been silent. Edwards knows about Dunbar Village and responded with a request for a donation. Richardson knows about Dunbar Village. About the only candidates we have not contacted are the Republicans, but you know if y'all keep irritating folks, don't be surprise if we put up their contact information for the readers one day. Y'all gone be real embarrassed if a Republican candidate picks up on the absolute RAGE simmering in the Black community about Black on Black crime. We are simply all thugged OUT.

Why Dunbar Village? Well because it is indicative of so many other horrors. We've talked about the 11 year olg girl that was gang raped by at least 20 men and boys. We've told you abut Dangela Dawson, whose home was firebombed.

Now if Barack Obama can't be moved to talk about any one of these horrors, somebody tell me what you have to do to a Black woman or child in this country to get our leaders to open up their mouths and SPEAK?

Just this week following the death of an NFL player, the issue of Black on Black crime bubbled up AGAIN and members of the media are joining me in questioning the immoral indifference to Black victims of crime in this country who are victimized by other Black people.

Jason Whitlock just out and called them "The Black KKK." Clarence Page did an article about Black on Black crime that is still being reprinted in syndication everyday in a new newspaper.

OH and If y'all are scared about the blog, what you really ought to be terrified by are my Dunbar Village videos. Well over 100,000 hits in a month and a half and those are the views I can track. They're viral and I don't even promote them on this site. People are emailing them all over the country. Obama and others are mentioned.

jumpcut movie:Janjaweed in America

jumpcut movie:Dunbar Village Trailer

So while you plot your strategy against me and this blog for being Obama haters ( an outright LIE). My question is why you aren't spending your time as Black Women for Obama asking the Senator why he will speak out on behalf of Black women in Darfur and white men in America, but won't speak out about Dunbar Village and other atrocities committed RIGHT HERE in the USA. You might want to point out that he is about to be on the wrong side of history on Dunbar Village. He better call Al Sharpton.

As far as "targeting" Obama. I am not the one writing all these articles about Black women and Obama and the article I referred to is not the first. This blog is about the negative portrayal of African American women in popular culture and I think this inference in MSM that Black women who don't vote for Obama are somehow being disloyal is idiotic and stupid. If he wants Black women's votes, he ought to hustle for them.

Welcome to What About Our Daughters? We serve our truth in a glass and we ain't drinking Koolaid out of it either. I ain't scared of y'all! Bring it!