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Friday, November 23, 2007

The Winter of our Discontent

BY: Shecodes, WAOD Contributor


And are showing up in front of Philippe “The Puppetmaster” Dauman’s brownstone, too

It’s going to be a battle of wills this winter, y’all. It looks like our favorite pastor and his crew are in it for the long haul.

So in case you were wondering, the ‘Enough is Enough’ protests are still going on in front of Debra Lee (president of BET)’s house in Washington, DC, and also in front of the swanky residence of Phillipe Dauman (CEO of Viacom) in Manhattan.

I went to the Big Apple two weeks ago to join in on the festivities in front of Philippe’s house. It’s a pretty modest crowd – comprised of about 60% teenagers. (Where are their parents? And why aren’t they protesting right alongside them?)

The first thing I noticed was a heartbreaking contrast between these working-class, sign-wielding African American youths, who were shivering out in the cold -- and the profound privilege and comfort of the white neighborhood children, who were peering out of the windows. It was an object lesson in Economic Disparity, 101.

Anyway, Philippe ‘The Puppetmaster’ Dauman’s neighbors didn’t seem to mind the ruckus at all. Most went about their business, but several people stopped by to take leaflets and ask about the protest. All of the residents that I spoke to expressed sympathy and support for the cause. (Or, maybe they didn’t have the guts express disapproval to an afro-wearing blogger who would take their picture and tell their business in a hot minute).

Since Viacom has been belligerently unresponsive to the pleas of the African American community to quell their lust to depict Blacks as hoes, thugs, and pimps, some strategists believe that it’s time to start hitting them where it counts – by exposing the decision makers and financers of these stereotypical and degrading images to the world.

At this point, my main concern whether the blast of winter cold will crumble the resolve of these protesters. We shall see.

For new readers, the Enough is Enough campaign is part of a comprehensive strategy designed to demand accountability and correct unequal standards concerning the stereotypical and demeaning images of African Americans and women in the media.

I might roll up there again tomorrow to see how they are doing… if it ain’t too cold.
posted by contributor SheCodes