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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Black Women's Long National Nightmare is Over: NBC's "African American Women:Where They Stand" Concludes-- I MISS ED BRADLEY :(

Well, NBC's African American Women:Where They Stand finished the way it started... Laughably!

BWAHAHAHA! Michael Eric Dyson DID manage to bogard his way into this series on the final webisode!

Watch and try not look Dyson in the eyes...You'll turn to stonea video hoochie..So anyway, NBC News gathered what they called "Leading African Americans." ERRRR? Um now I know Manhattan is an island, but are the people at NBC Nightly News really THAT out of touch? In the video, they have interviews with Karrine "Super Head" Steffans ( Wassup Professor Tracey!), Michael Eric Dyson ( Hip Hop Apologist and Prognostitute), Irv Gotti ( He used to be Karrine's "Pimp"), Melyssa Ford ( A "model"), Kevin Powell (MTV's Real World I) and some DJ.

THESE FOLKS are who NBC believes is "leading"?- Somebody lied to their bosses. I will leave it at that.

Behold the foolishness of the final episode on the Hip Hop industry. No new revelations. No hard questions. No investigative journalism to be found.
Hip-hop hotties
Hip-hop hotties

Finally, the series concludes with this report that about Black women and interracial dating and marrying. A segment which relied heavily on scenes from the movie "Something New"- that should have been a sign.

Hat Tip to Prometheus 6

Now would be a good time to go back and read Professor Tracey's post "Be Revolutionary, Not Reactionary"- Did she call this series or what. Even BEFORE she saw it:

Black Women and Inter-Racial Dating

So what!!! There are 13 million black people in the United States and less than 140,000 black women have white husbands! This small percentage is NOT an ethnic group changing or family structure altering statistic. Let’s talk about this when 500,000 black women have white husbands and a million black women are dating outside the race. Until then, the real question is why in the 21st century are black women still waiting for the “approval” of anyone to go on a date? I will date anyone in the entire rainbow coalition as long as they treat me with respect, dignity, and compassion!

Professor Tracey was prophetic about NBC's use of statistics to conjure up whatever story they wanted. My question is what story were they trying to tell and why did they choose to tell it in this way.

Just one black woman’s opinion here. What do you think? Personally, I am sick and tired of being defined by others. I am an extremely successful black woman and I have had enough of being told what I don’t have. Let’s look for the good things in our lives and go after what we want in a positive and pro-active manner. No more whining or waiting to exhale in 2008!!! Let’s get ourselves together and make it clear that black women are not going to take anymore mess of any kind and shame on those that get in the way!!! Then, next year’s NBC series could be “what in the hell has gotten into black women and how do we stop them before they take over the world!” Professor Tracey, WAOD Contributor- Written BEFORE NBC aired the series..

You know what fell over me when I was watching this last piece of fluff touted as an in depth series....I was struck by how much I miss Ed Bradley.

Man, this week we needed Ed Bradley to do this series. Now Ed would have been able to wrangle Black Women a segment on 60 Minutes that would have been more in depth than all of these NBC Nightly News segments and webisodes put together. Insightful stuff. Stuff we didn't know before we watched. Man he would ask some questions that would cut right to the bone. He covered everything (Timothy McVeigh), but man when he did those interviews of Black folks like Lena Horne you always walked away knowing something you didn't know before the interview. Ed Bradley was in depth. These folks at NBC Nightly News were just... just.. just.. out of their depth this week.

So my question to y'all is this... Have we learned anything from this week-long series other than NBC's staffers are out of touch with reality and have no unique voice of their own and have to rely on magazines, movies, and regurgitated stats everyone already knows? Or am I being too harsh? Man! I miss Ed Bradley!

To read our entire series of posts regarding this "out or their depth" series click here. Did I mention that this NBC series made me miss Ed Bradley?