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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Rape Town, USA?

By: Symphony, WAOD Contributor

A 16-year old girl notified the West Palm Beach police she was abducted by several men, placed in a car, driven to an abandoned home and gangraped by nine men in the unlit backyard.

The teen told investigators that she was then forced back into the car but was able to escape when she began kicking and screaming. The girl then walked back to the flea market, police told WPBF News 25

According to the security manager for the flea market the girl is lying. She claims she was the only person in the Flea Market parking lot around 8pm Sunday, when the teen claims she was abducted. The manager says, “She didn't make no type of noise. In an empty parking lot, you would have noticed something like that. Around eight o'clock, it was empty."

Hmm, that's your basis for calling this girl a liar? Maybe she was too busy slacking on the job to notice anything. See how nice assumptions are? For the record, when I was assaulted (but not raped) I didn't make loud noises either. So claims of "the victim didn't act a certain way so she's lying" are utterly stupid and wreaks of a jackass.

She says because of this alleged attack, she now wants to hire police to guard after closing as well. Well, either you believe someone was raped or you don't.The investigation is going forward at this moment and police aren't making too many statements since she's a juvenile (and they are scared to make a move for fear light will shine on them like cockroaches).

Let's be clear, even before this alleged rape (I'm down with patience) West Palm Beach WAS ALREADY Rape Town, USA. The Dunbar Village gang rape, the rape of a 15-year old teen outside at 11 a.m., and the rape of a 42-year old by a teen and his ignorant, trashy get-a-long gang that watched and chanted for their turn to violated a woman who could be their mother.

Guess where 45th Street Flea Market, where the girl said she was attacked, is located? Well, its not near Donald Trump's swanky pad. Its in the vicinity of Dunbar Village. Criminals and animals roaming around and police nowhere to be found. I guess thats why they prey on women in those areas, because, hmmm, maybe they know they can get away with it? They sure won't go to Old Northwood district.

I was sitting at a computer on campus trying to type this damn paper on Cuba's economic recovery (yes, its as torturous as it sounds) and I get an email from Gina about this story and a text message from West Palm Beach. Suddenly all the papers in the world was better than hearing about another rape.

Its been a couple of weeks since the news Jakaris Taylor accepted a plea deal and I admit I'm antsy. I understand systems, getting things right, process, yada yada yada but I want action, I want the other animals locked up like they should be and I'm STILL waiting on them to stop treating the rape of the 15-year-cold like some episode of Cold Case.

So for all the talk about four rapists off the streets and Delsa Bush patting herself on the damn back, women and girls in poor neighborhoods are still nothing more than prey on a grassland just waiting on some predator to charge in for the kill.

Dunbar Village Townhall Meeting

I spoke with the Dunbar Village resident who is the lead organizer of the Dunbar Townhall Meeting. Shane, Shecodes and I are simply following her lead and assisting. Thus far, HUD will come up from Miami and make itself available to hear concerns from the residents directly, not just take Laurel Robinson's word. State Rep. Priscilla Taylor, West Palm Beach City Commissioner Molly Douglass, and Palm Beach County Commissioner Addie Green have all notified us they are ready to come as well.

The event is Wednesday, January 16, 2008. The meeting will start at 5:00pm and we're nailing down the final arrangements for the location (a neighborhood school). It will be in the vicinity of Dunbar Village.

You're welcome to come show your support for the women, children and elderly who have been ignored by West Palm Beach elected officials, and community leaders. Some of the topics of discussion will be the status of Dunbar Village, Dunbar security and safety, the rights of public housing residents, and why, after a local woman offered to establish an on-site daycare in Dunbar, the Housing Authority said no, they will do it but still there is no daycare.

DunbarVillage 2008
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