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Friday, December 7, 2007

This Week's WAOD Wagging Finger of Shame Award: Sherri Shepherd

We award this week's WAOD Wagging Finger of Shame Award to Sherri Shepherd for being an embarrassment to African American women everywhere for thinking that Jesus popped up in the Bible in GENESIS as opposed to MATTHEW. Seems Ms. Sherri was having difficulty with the temporal concept we like to call B.C. as in "Before Christ" in fact she said... "I don't think anyone predated the Christians" she then went on to say...Well forget it. Why have me tell you when you can watch for yourself.

Now we previously excused Ms. Shepherd when she said that the earth was flat. Oh yes she did.

Mama, you and your mission circle need to grab ole' girl with a swiftness.

Y'all can say whatever you want about Star Jones Reynolds, she never played DUMB on The View... unless you were asking her how she lost weight, but that is a whole other post. I say Barbara and Star need to reconcile and give Sherri the boot since apparently ABC thinks all Black women are interchangeable. Who would have thought they could come up with a host more clueless than Elizabeth.

Somewhere Hattie McDaniel is just HOT. HOT. HOT! "Let me always be a credit to my race" - I'm so sorry Mrs McDaniel. We let you down on this one. I'll give a full post to whoever starts a "Sherri Must Go" movement. Either send her to a History of World Religions class or give her the hook. While you are at it, Biology, Chemistry , Geography, - Just have her repeat the 7th grade. What next is she going to say next?