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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Breaking - What About Our Daughters Reader Confronts Hillary Clinton in Harlem

Iman left this comment in the previous thread. I know a lot of you are going to campaign events, send me your first hand accounts and I might post them. Shecodes is in South Carolina right now. We might as well get our footnotes in history because you ain't gone see THIS on CNN.

WAOD reader IMAN said...
I just finished confronting Hillary outside of the church I go to in Harlem, where she went to get an endorsement from the Rev. She got her endorsement and was met outside by a crowd of chanting Obama supporters. It was so bad that her staff started holding up Hillary signs and passing them out to tourist to make it look like Harlem supported her, but it was clear where the people's hearts were and the press was aware of that as well. We need to break apart this myth that Harlem loves the Clinton's just because Bill has an office here. He came here because we are a symbol of black America and they're pretending to have support here to make it appear the black folks still "love the Clintons". I'm sure she wanted to get that message to South Carolina, but it did'nt work. She might have the Harlem leadership (who are also part of the CRIC), but she doesn't have the people.

I love folks exercising their right to peaceably assemble and express themselves.

OOOOH Iman, y'all in trouble... mainstream media has picked up the story of y'allz "confrontation." Iman, we need more details... DETAILS and pictures if you have them!

More coming in from Iman and her group of rabble rousers... when she said they had a confrontation, she meant it... they turned down free Clinton coffee.

Fresh from winning Nevada caucuses with the help of Latinos, Hillary Rodham Clinton Sunday resumed her courtship of African-Americans by attending a service honoring Martin Luther King, Jr., at a prominent Harlem church. But the boos that mingled with cheers during her uptown visit underscored the tough battle she faces in wresting black voters from rival Barack Obama.

"You've come to Harlem to steal the black vote!" a small but boisterous group of Obama protesters shouted as Clinton stood outside the Abyssinian Baptist Church to receive the endorsement of its influential pastor, the Rev. Calvin O. Butts.

"Harlem for Obama!" the protesters repeated so loudly that at some points they drowned out Butts' endorsement. When Clinton passed cups of steaming coffee to the crowd on the bitterly cold day, one man shouted, "I don't want your coffee!" Newsday.

Here is some video of Iman and her compatriots!