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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

WAOD Podcast Open Thread- Pontificate 2008 - New Hampshire Primary Results

Another good time was has by all. We talked about White Feminists preparing to launch a 527 to attack Obama and the White progressive blogosphere is weighing in against him.. We listened to the world premiere of moi's attempt to become a music producer. Of course we talked about all the Black Thought Police and lots lots more.

You can listen by clicking on the player in the right sidebar or by going to

P.S. the folks running around calling us angry Black women for having a discussion about the way the campaign is being run have a lot more to worry about that chatter over here at WAOD:

"Obama doesn't want partisan Democrats like the netroots on his side, so we'll see if, when we start having Democratic primaries, he can win on his own terms or not," he told the Trail. "I was rooting that it would come down to Edwards and Clinton -- that to me represents a battle of Democratic values and ideas. Obama's candidacy is really just personality-driven, wrapped with quasi-religious overtures of 'believe' and 'hope' and 'unity' and 'trust'. He's the first mega-church candidate." Jerome Armstrong, MyDD

This blog gets thousands of page clicks a week, the bloggers in the WAPO piece... MILLIONS. Maybe if you would treat the podcast and the WAOD posts and comments as a focus group of constructive critics to learn from instead of an enemy to be attacked, you could have neutralized the arguments from those who truly are against Obama.