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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Finally! Music IThat Reflects What the Heck is Going on Right Now!

We're a nation at war, but you wouldn't know it listening to the radio. In fact listening to the radio, you would have no clue about what is going on in the world at all. Yes, there are people living a bling bling strip club and drugs lifestyle, but what happened to our version of folk music, message music?

Now some folks would say that "I'm So Hood" is reflecting what is going on in the world. Yeah, but what else is going on? Music is important. It matters.

I remember "We Are the World". I remember raising money in the third grade to send to USA For Africa. I really did feel part of the world. I want to say i even sang a part in some public rendition of the song. I think it was the Cindy lauper part or the Tina Turner part I forget.

Music is so powerful. Its beautiful. It can be haunting. It can break your heart or give you the resolve to keep moving forward. It moves the soul. A good song can keep you company on a long drive home or calm you when the rain is coming down in sheets.

To be sure, there is plenty of music out there talking about what is going on in the world beyond the club and the shopping mall, but you have to go looking for it. We aren't going to have "We Are the World" blaring on the half hour.

Here is Will.I.Am's song inspired by Obama. Here is the back story.

Celebrity-filled music videos have been used to support many social movements, from famine relief for Africa, to support for American farmers, to opposition to apartheid in South Africa.

It ain't "We Are The World"- But we really do need a song to describe what is going on right now. Um let me just say that I did my presidential election song first...but it was roundly panned(HATERS!- It was genius!). AT LEAST I TRIED!!!!I think I played it during the New Hampshire primary podcast.

In fairness, if somebody does a Hillary, Mitt, or McCain-inspired song, leave it in the comments and I may include it.