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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Giant's Win- But Can We Talk About the Commercials?- Oprah's New Show

Now that you are chock full of tortilla chips, queso and hot wings. Defense wins games. If you have never heard me do sports radio, you can head on over to 2 Guys and a Mic where I appeared regularly during the entire season. I guest hosted the episode where we made Super Bowl picks.

Any favorite commercials? I can tell you the one I thought was idiotic and gross was the puking baby with the creepy eyes.

Who thought that was cute? (See the rest of the commercials)

Speaking of commercials, has anyone seen those commercial for Oprah's new shoe, The Big Give? it looks like Mark Cuban's "The Benefactor"...the Oprah version. How did we become so competative that we managed to make giving away money a competition.