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Monday, March 24, 2008

Brothers Speak About Dunbar Village

Have you forwarded the Dunbar Village letter to your friends and family. I get forwarded emails about all kinds of foolishness. Take time to inform the world about what the NAACP and National Action Network are doing. Everyday more people learn about this latest turn of events and the indignation grows and the only way people will know is if you tell them because lord knows mainstream media isn't calling the NAACP or the National Action Network to task.... YET

Black Men Speak About Dunbar Village
First of all, let it not be said that brothers don't get it. Many of them do and they are stepping up to the plate and writing about this on their blogs as they have been doing since we first started talking about Dunbar Village.

Villager over at Electronic Village wrote a post called "Al Sharpton and NAACP Wrong in the Dunbar Village Rape Case" you need to go read the whole thing in addition to the comments and responses:

Important nubian women in my life, such as my former wife, my mom and my sisters often tell me that I have a 'hard head'. Usually, this is a result of me being slow on the uptake for an issue that they see clearly from the start. The impact of the Dunbar Village gang-rape may be yet another example of me ... and perhaps other brothers ... having a 'hard head'.

You see, the issues surrounding the Dunbar Village gang-rape that occurred last year continue to burn hot in our community ... especially with Black women. Many Black women look at the way that the Dunbar Village situation has been handled as an example of the way Black women are treated in too many situations from Corporate America to our neighborhoods. Electronic Village
Over at Soul Preaching they ask "Where Are the Preachers?"

It has been seven months since I asked the question, "Can God Count on the black Preacher?" I heard about this story on the very helpful and informative blog What about our daughters. I asked it in relation to the horrendous rape of a Black woman at the hands of some young Black men.Do we Only Care About Racism?Over the last few months, I am coming more to the conclusion that we may show up when race is a factor. We know how to deal with that issue. But the original sin of sexism is still strong in our community. . .But when a Black woman is sexually assaulted in her home for hours and her son is beaten by a group of Black men and the law enforcement drags their feet brining these men to justice and then our leaders defend the perpetrators....Today we as preachers have to raise the bar because if we are not careful...
Lord help us, for our Sexism, our Blindness, and our Silence. Soul Preaching

For those of you attempting to figure out something to say, you ought to check out this open letter to Al Sharpton and the NAACP written by Aaron over at the blog, A Political Season:
I ask, where is your moral compass? How is it that the vile nature of what you are doing is not apparent to you? You are championing rapists while deliberately, purposefully ignoring the vicious gang rape and torture of a black woman. Your actions make clear that neither you Al Sharpton as a black man, nor the NAACP, value the dignity, safety and well being of black women. Your actions make clear that the rape and violation of black women is okay depending on the race of the violator. You will protest the rape of black women by white men, but you will say nothing about the rape of black women by black men and in fact will defend the black rapists of african american women. It is a second violation of this woman and indeed of all black women as vile as the first.

Your behavior in this case is morally indefensible and despicable. There is no justification for it, no basis in morality that would support what Al Sharpton and the NAACP are doing. I demand that you reverse course. I demand that you turn the resources of your organization to providing support and aid to the innocent victims in this case, not the perpetrators. I demand that you publicly in word and deed put pressure on the West Palm Beach authorities to find and arrest the other six rapists still on the loose.

If you are unwilling to immediately and publicly acknowledge the error of your actions in regard to the Dunbar Village case, I and as many others as I can persuade to join me, will pursue every avenue available to make the public at large, the media, your membership, your financial and political supporters, your sponsors and the entire world aware of your willing and informed support and encouragement of the brutal rape and torture of a black woman. My outrage is shared by many others. NAN and the NAACP will be held accountable.

The actions of Al Sharpton and the NAACP to support rapists of black women is a moral abomination, a moral atrocity. It degrades and sullies the good the NAACP has accomplished. It should not be allowed to stand. It is non negotiable. If the NAACP and NAN must be ripped apart and rebuilt anew to restore its moral compass and establish as sacrosanct the dignity, value and safety of black women, that is preferable to organizations which knowingly support the violation and rape of black women. A Political Season

Go to A Political Season to read the entire letter. So many other bloggers are writing about this, when I get the time this week, I am going to do a mega post to try to link to all of the bloggers that have said something about Al Sharptona nd the NAACP's idiocy. Also if you want a list of which corporations and executives to appeal to to ASK Rev. Sharpton about his latest stance on Dunbar, you might want to peruse the guest list to the National Action Network conference coming up next week.

Where in the World Is Rev Al? Well if you got the Money, He's got the Time!
Well irony of ironies, Martin Luther King, III somehow let Al Sharpton get his mitts involved in the commemoration of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Rev. Al Sharpton and the National Action Network will lead a "Recommitment March" to the Lorraine Motel, where Civil Rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., was assassinated in 1968 as part of the NAN's 10th annual national convention April 2-5. SOURCE
So in between marching and pleading for the release of dangerous criminals, what else does he do? Well if you got the money to buy individual tickets to their events, you can attend the National Action Network Convention in for four days next week in Memphis. You can pay to go to the "Wall Street Luncheon" or perhaps, but don't try to get in on the panel about "Social Justice" because it is INVITATION ONLY... pause and let that marinate. You can pay for entry into everything else, including a performance by Mo'Nique, but when you start talking about social justice you got to have an invitation. DO go by and check out the complete schedule so you can see which organizations and corporation make the Sharpton machine possible.