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Monday, March 17, 2008

"Have Some Class Tocarra" -- VH1 Does it Again

New York had better watch out... somebody wants their own VH1 reality show and the best way for Black folks to get their own show is to act a PLUM NATURAL FOOL. It's a conspiracy... How is it that Tocarra managed to survive weeks of Tyra Bank's looniness and mind games but went around the bend over Celebrity Fit Club. Don't feel bad about it. She'll have a new reality TV show on VH1 next season. Watch as Harvey moves to protect the woman on the panel after her attempt to get Tocarra to snap out of it by clapping her hands does not work and Dr. Ian, you clearly have not seen some of her photo pictorials. Other wise he would not have bothered. Uh hmm. The cameras had NOTHING to do with this--

While we're on conspiracies and whatnot, check out this picture from "Lil Bow Wow"s Birthday party. There are no words. Hat Tip to Sandra Rose