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Monday, March 3, 2008

Jasmyne Cannick Takes on Shirley Q. Liquor- Launches BanShirleyQLiquor.com

Jasmyne Cannick is is a battle Royal to take out Shirley Q. Liquor. I have put up posts mentioning Shirley Q. Liquor before. For those of you who don't know about Shirley Q. Liquor. Charles Knipp, a White man dresses up in drag and blackface and tours the country playing the character at clubs, fraternity parties and in private homes, including homes of famous actors and actresses.

You can see more Shirley Q Liquor clips such as - Ebonic's Airways over at Jasmyne's site JasmyneCannick.com.In honor of Women's History Month, Jasmyne has launched BanShirleyQLiquor.com.She is working to get a Knipp performance in April canceled. You can sign the petition. Things are getting ugly

You can call me a bitch, you can call me a hoe, you can even call me a nigger, I’ve been called worse. You can publish my number on the Internet and have me barraged with death threats, I can handle that.

I can even handle you superimposing my face onto the body of porn star Norma Stitz, and then posting it to the homepage of your website. Bring it!

However, I draw the line at this notion that in 2008 it is ok for a white man, gay or straight, to make $90k a year to dress up in blackface for white gay men, rednecks, and their moms, and degrade Black women. JasmyneCannick.com

Knipp's management superimposed Jasmyn's (NSFW)head on the naked body of a Black woman:

Yes, that’s my face, no that’s not my body. That body belongs to Annie Hawkins-Turner, better known as porn star Norma Stitz, get it…enormous t#!s. And while, Ms. Hawkins-Turner made a name for herself with her extremely large natural breasts, 120XXX-50-60 to be exact, I make mine from my work in politics, journalism, and social justice activism.

Knipp’s had to know that when he posted that photo that eventually it would be reposted, saved on hard drives, and eventually forwarded to me by someone who wanted me to know what he had done. Mission accomplished. And before you email to say, “well aren’t you making it worse by reposting it?” Consider the fact that this photo has already been forwarded to me several times over. So, it’s already out there. Source

We'll keep you posted. Hat Tip to Mr. Shadow.

Can we also talk about Madea, Big Mama's house or Norbit II next?