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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Are Kids Today More Violent, or Stupid???- Girls Videotape Attack for Youtube- Slap Happy Deaths in UK

So is it that the kids these days are more violent or just more idiotic than we were? Um, didn't they contemplate that in showing beat downs to the world, that they were handing the District Attorney exhibit A in their prosecution? Will we really do anything for fame and have we lost the ability to differentiate between fame and infamy?

We have another case of a gang of teens attacking folks and video taping their barbarism. This latest case does not involve Black people. How do we know? Well because it is all over the news and if the victim was an African American girl, we would have found out about this about a month from now and this would not be all up in juvenile court either.

A group of teen girls in Florida ( seriously what is it with Florida and it's teenagers) - a group of teen girls in Florida lured another teen girl to a home where they allegedly brutally attacked her and videotaped it for the express purpose of placing the video on YouTube.

April Cooper, 14, Kayla Hassell, 15, Cara Murphy, 16, Stephen Shumaker, 18, and Zachary Ashley, Brittni Hardcastle, Brittany Mayes and Mercades Nichols, all 17, each were charged with felony battery and felony false imprisonment.
On March 30, [Victoria Lindsay] was lured to a friend's home in Lakeland, Fla. While two boys stood guard outside the house, six girls attacked Lindsay, knocking her unconscious by slamming her head against a wall. After she came to, the gang surrounded her and continued to slap and kick her. When Lindsay's father arrived at the hospital where she was taken after the incident, he couldn't believe what he saw.
"I didn't recognize my own daughter when I went in," he said. "Her face was disfigured. She was crying." NY Daily News

In Great Britain, they actually have an epidemic of what they call"Happy Slap" attacks.
"Happy slapping" is a new crime phenomenon where gangs attack random victims and film it on mobile phones.BBC News
Several people have died as a result of the attacks.

It was described as a "revolting" attack.Two teenagers, said by a judge to typify the "young, drunken, violent yob of whom the public are sick and tired", punching and kicking Gavin Waterhouse to death.The "horrific" footage, filmed by a 15-year-old girl, was sent to friends' mobile phones and even published on the internet.The decision to prosecute the teenager who filmed that fatal attack on her mobile phone has been hailed as a legal landmark by the Crown Prosecution Service. BBC News

These attacks have resulted in deaths and they spare no one, a gang of teens even attacked a cancer patient. Of course this craze was started by a VIACOM television show---evidence once again of how "little" influence television and popular culture has on young impressionable minds with a deficit of judgement and common sense.

So see, the foolishness is international and multicultural. Technology is supposed to be advancing civilization, but we appear to be regressing.

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