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Monday, April 14, 2008

Proctor and Gamble Increases its Funding of the "Regime of B*tches, Bullets and Bling"

Proctor & Gamble is starting up a new record hip hop record lable called "Pampers & Pimps". Okay that name part is not true but it might as well be.

Proctor & Gamble the largest advertiser in this country and already a major corporate enabler of the "Regime of B*tches, Bullets and Bling"TM has decided to cut away all pretense that it is funding the War on Black Women, promoting modern day minstrelsy, the stripper culture, and the devaluation of the lives of young black women and men through the glorification of domestic urban terrorism.

Not content to purchase the commercials that keep Viacom's most vile multimedia crack piping into the the living rooms of America, Proctor & Gamble has decided to start producing weapons and munitions in the War on Black Women, Men and Children directly. They are starting a record label with Island Def Jam. A "hip hop" record label named TAG records:

Consumer products giant Procter & Gamble is getting into the hip-hop business by launching a record label with Island Def Jam Music Group.

The joint venture with be called Tag Records, a nod to Procter & Gamble's's Tag body sprays. It will be run by Island Urban president Jermaine Dupri, who helped produce the latest sales disappointment by his girlfriend, Janet Jackson.

Tag Records will unveil its first signing in May, and is promising a marketing budget 10 times the going rate of $1 million or so for most artists. MSNBC.-- First seen at Sandra Rose
That means that all you people who buy Pampers, Tide and Always maxi pads are partnering with the record company who brought us "face down, @$ up, that's the way I like to cut." "Pampers & Pimps" TM what a combination!

The Misogyny Industrial Complex's oxygen is money. Of late the industry has been on life support, Proctor & Gamble just came in on a white charger to make sure that pro pimp, prop prison, pro drug, pro violence, anti education, anti woman, anti social behavior keeps getting pumped out to the exclusion of all others so that they can sell some male hygiene products.

I am going to let that marinate for a moment. Surely one person from the company that trotted out the My Black is Beautiful Campaign spoke up to say "Um this hip hop music label might be problematic from some of our customers." Or maybe not based on this analysis over at Racialicious. If this succeeds, I guarantee McDonalds and General Motors will be next.

Later in the week I will address this and a new study confirming what I already new. P&G is one of the biggest subsidizers of all those burning crosses on the lawns of Black women. Don't want for permission to be outraged.

Stop funding foolishness!

P.S. I GOT MY VOICE BACK!! After three months of a creative block I cranked out "Pampers & Pimps" and the "Regime of B*tches, Bullets & Bling" in one post. Thanks P&G!

PPS. I can't wait for the first album to see which music artist is willing to be known as P&G's corporate shill. TAG! You're it! You say what?


From Famous Beats:
"There are several reasons this partnership irritates me, but perhaps the most disturbing thing of all is that the reason this non-transparent advertising technique is being used is because basically speaking, Proctor and Gamble think that black people aren’t smart enough to realize that they’re being sold a bunch of sh*t through hip-hop, and they will associate “coolness” with deodorant. Which we all know is total racist bullsh*t."Read the rest.