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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Why Isn't the San Francisco Police Department Looking for 12 Year Old Billie McGee??


Isn’t San Francisco supposed to be one of those liberal progressive cities? Well when comes to the lives of Black women and girls, even the “progressive ” San Francisco police department think that if Black girls are with older men it’s no big deal because they were just being “fast.”

Police Capt. Marsha Ashe, head of the police juvenile division, said officers were also concerned for the girl's well-being and said investigators had concluded that she was "possibly a runaway."Ashe said the girl was "sophisticated beyond her age" and had been in contact with men while using the name "Tania." Investigators think she may be with an older male, Ashe said.Police said the girl's mother had intercepted text messages intended for Billie that had sexual overtones and that the two quarreled Monday. The child then left her family's home near City College, investigators said.SOURCE
Once again, I don’t care if she went willingly unwillingly, intentionally, unintentionally, a 12 year old girl with a fully grown man is in danger. Why can’t people get it through their very thick skulls that statutory rape is a CRIME. That a 12 year old does not have the mental capacity to fully appreciate that she is being exploited and harmed and faces some pretty dire, life changing consequences as a result of a relationship with a much older man.

But that is the story the police are puttying out. How do we know that she ran away, one in three missing children in this country are Black, what if she was snatched? Either way, a crime is being committed and the police ought to investigate. This is from a WAOD reader. Also seen at Sandra Rose

I'd like to thank you for opening my eyes to the media's coverage of missing black girls and women. Sometimes it's a total silence, but, other times, as in this story in my hometown newspaper, it's deeply, deeply offensive:


I'm not sure who to go to about this or what to do. In this article, a missing 12-year-old girl, described by her family as an "honor student," is portrayed by the police as a promiscuous runaway who is probably with older men. The head of the police juvenile division is directly quoted in the article as saying, "I hope she comes home." Not "we're looking for her day and night." Clearly this case is not a priority for the police or the press.

This WAOD reader asked what she could do.

Well first, if San Francisco is like any other city, the Police Chief is answerable to the Mayor. Call him and put the number in the comments! Email the San Francisco Chronicle and ask them why they didn’t question this lazy, indifferent police Captain about appearing to toss away this girl because she was “mature beyond her years” in other words, this captain just called this child a “ho’” It isn’t always in the sentences, sometimes it is in the sentiment. And the San Francisco Police department’s sentiment in this case is well past poor.

Please read Why Aren’t the Lives of Black Women and Girls Treasured?