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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Report this Pedophile to YouTube and the Authorities

In the future if you find disturbing video of children on YouTube, don't email me, contact federal law enforcement. I am not the police. There is offensive and then there is criminal. Don't wait for me to give you permission to act or be outraged.

YouTube has become a haven for pedophiles and other domestic terrorists targeting Black women and children. A reader sent me this link from YouTube. I am not posting this filth on my blog, but you can view the video here(If you want your skin to crawl). The reader who forwarded this has already indicated that they have contacted YouTube. The Video is called "Young Black Girl" and the description is "Young Black Girl in bed room."You should note that on the tags for YouTube which helps people find videos, this fully grown man has listed this video under "Young Black Girl Booty Nude Sexy @ss Ebony Cute "

I can't tell if this girl is 10 or 11, but explain to me why this fully grown man is videotaping her in her underwear and then tagging it with tags of a sexual nature. This child is being abused and is clearly being groomed for much worse. This girl is clearly indicating that she is not consenting to be on video tape so tell me why YouTube has left this up for 5 months, and 75,000 people have viewed this?

Last but not least WHERE THE HECK IS HER MAMA and DADDY????