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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Reporter in Marche Taylor Story Responds:Seems Like a Nice Enough Guy

Wendell Edwards, the reporter that I slammed in an earlier post about Marche Taylor sent me an email over the weekend. Seemed like a nice enough human being. He seemed hurt that I referred to him as a creepy perv for having her do a stroll in that dress for the cameras.

I explained our impressions and our point of view. He clarified that he and his station did nothing to promote this story. They did not send it to the national news wires, the story mushroom larger than he, Marche, or KHOU imagined. He reminded me that Marche called HIM and he also provided some insight into all the things he did NOT put in the story. He also made the point that it is his job to be a reporter and that is what he did, report. Granny isn't as much of an invalid as Isiah Carey made her seem. He is going to pass on our offer to Marche.

Thanks Mr. Edwards for getting back to us and letting us know your side of the story.