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Sunday, May 25, 2008

WAOD Mailbag: Duke Rape Case, Another Black Woman Assaulted, Good News about Merrick Sklarek

I've been swamped lately, but your fellow WAOD readers are staying on top of the War on Black women and girls in this country in my stead. Here is a tip: If it is something you want me to pay attention to, don't send a 15 page letter, I have too much email to read all that. Get to the point in two sentences or less. Don't just send the link, tell me why you think the story relates to the work we do.

Duke Rape Case Update:
Duke Student Newspaper Calls HBCU “worthless”for Conferring Degree to the Accuser in the Duke Rape Case [Hat Tip WAOD Reader CW]

I just wanted to draw your attention to an article recently published in the Duke Daily Chronicle, written by a white former student, about how North Carolina Central University, an HBCU, is a worthless school because they recently graduated the young lady who accused the Duke Lacrosse Players of rape. Duke Chronicle
Another Black Woman Assaulted:

18 year-Shot Because She Rebuffed Advances [Hat Tip WAOD Reader Sue] Read Story.

NPR has been on a tear with its coverage of the Parent's Television Council's report, “The Rap on Rap”. Here is nother segment from the show Tell Me More. [Hat Tip WAOD Reader Venetta]

Y'all know I love the GOOD NEWS! Thanks to WAOD reader Katherine for passing along this info about Norma Merrick Sklarek[Hat Tip WAOD Reader Kathering]

2008 AIA President Marshall Purnell, FAIA, the first African American to hold that position raised his voice in support of Sklarek, “She made me possible,” Purnell said. “She is mentally the strongest person in this profession that I know. Everywhere she went she was first.” AIA Board member Anthony Costello, FAIA, called Sklarek the “Rosa Parks of Architecture.”

Sklarek’s career has been marked by breaking barriers and expectations of what an African-American woman could do. She was the first African-American woman to graduate from Columbia University in 1950 with a BArch, as well as becoming the first registered African-American female architect in the entire nation. In 1980, she became the first African-American female Fellow of the AIA. Five years later, she was at the head of the first architecture firm to be formed and managed by an African-American woman—Siegel, Sklarek, Diamond.
Congrats Ms. Sklarek

Update on Romona Moore Post

If you are aware of cases where a crime has been committed against a Black woman that has been underreported in comparison with that of another woman, pass it on, with a link and a brief explanation. Do not send a three page explanation. In one hundred words or less, explain the back story behind the link. Put RM in the subject line so I can pull you email out of all the new letters people have signed me up to receive without my permission.