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Thursday, June 19, 2008

BET Bans Michelle Williams Because She's Not Black Enough

We all know that the executives over at Black America's Shame, love to tell u that they are on the pulse of "Black youth culture." FYI over at Black America's Shame, Black Youth culture is synonymous with the Regime of Bullets, Booty and Bling. Well not that I care, but according to Sandra Rose , former Destiny's Child member Michelle Williams has been barred from the channel for not being URBAN enough.

“A lot of you guys are wondering why it’s not on BET!!! Well how can I say this without starting any drama……..it may not be “urban” enough!!! Whatever the hell that means!!! (this is the political foolishness we artists go through on a daily basis)” SandraRose.com
Ain't this a MESS. They will jump up and down not to have to pull content degrading Black people of all kinds, but have the nerve to censor material of a Black woman not in a G-string riding a pole and being sloshed down with champelle.

I bet BET has that annoying "Lollipop" on ad nauseum. If you want to use a video to turn children's candy into a sexually explicit song BET is all ears. Michelle, put on a G-string and start cursing and dropping it like its hot, they'd love to have you on then.

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