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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Bob Johnson, Rich Does Not Make You Relevant:Satan Becomes a Women's Rights Activist

Am I the only one that thinks that it is ironic that SATAN Bob Johnson, who gladly threw Black women and girls under the bus has been busy advocating on behalf of Hilary Clinton, EVEN WHEN SHE DIDN'T ASK HIM TO!! SATAN Bob Johnson further confirming that he has zero political acumen, other than writing large checks has decided to try to dictate who Barack Obama's VP should be:

June 3, 2008

The Honorable James Clyburn
U. S. House of Representatives
H-329, The Capitol
Washington, DC 20515

Dear Jim:

Now that you have endorsed Senator Obama as the Presidential Nominee of the Democratic Party; I, as a long-time supporter of Senator Clinton and of the Democratic Party, urge you to do everything possible to unify this party to win the Presidential election in November. For me and millions of other Democrats, I believe that the most important step that you can take now is to encourage the Congressional Black Caucus to urge Senator Obama to select Senator Hillary Clinton as his Vice Presidential running mate.

As a businessman I understand the vitally important role that a Democratic President can play in establishing programs and policies throughout the government that stimulate and support economic opportunities for African Americans. As African Americans [BOB JOHNSON IS AFRICAN AMERICAN??]we agree that the stakes in this election are far too high to take any chances that this party will not be unified from the top to the bottom in our effort to gain control of The White House.

You know as well as I the deep affection that millions of African Americans hold for both Senator Clinton and President Clinton. You also know that Hillary Clinton has been a long-term advocate for racial and gender equality, from her early days as a lawyer with the Children Defense Fund to her prominent leadership roles on these issues as First Lady and as Senator from New York. But most important, we need to have the certainty of winning; and, I believe, without question, that Barack Obama as President and Hillary Clinton as Vice President bring that certainty to the ticket.

Jim, as the highest ranking African American in Congress, I encourage you to follow your commitment to build a unified party by helping to make this a historic election of Senators Obama and Clinton who both have demonstrated that they have the courage and the ability to inspire and lead this nation to greatness today and for years in the future.

Warm regards,

Bob Johnson

You can listen to Roland call Bob "Beelzebub" Johnson on his foolishness.

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SO SATAN Bob Johnson suddenly (13:20) becomes a women's rights advocate and cares about we little people paying $4 a gallon on gas and people dying in Iraq. SATAN Bob Johnson, took it upon himself to write a letter to members of the Congressional Black Caucus, urging them to urge Senator Obama to place Senator Clinton on the ticket, if only he had written a memo to his staff saying "Stop degrading Black women." I guess he was too busy counting his Benjamins

I really don't care who the candidates choose as their running mates, gasoline is still going to $5.50 a gallon by Labor day regardless, but it does not make me inclined to welcome Senator Clinton being added to the ticket when her main champion is one of the greatest enemies of Black women in my lifetime. What kind of woman would associated herself with a multimedia crack dealer and exploiter of women and children?. She might as well have Bishop Don Majic Juan on CNN and writing letters to the CBC.

I'm sorry, but Barack we are going to have some issues if you start following the advice of the man that brought the world "Girl What Dat Smell Like" and "P*ssy Poppin." Think of the world this man has helped to create for the weeMichelles.

Why is SATAN Bob Johnson so chatty all of a sudden? Did he have a near death experience? Did he make a deal with Hillary to make him a member of the cabinet? Is he trying to follow in the footsteps of Alfred Nobel?

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