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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Don't Forget the Floods

Don't forget that the middle of the country is undergoing a massive disaster. Yet I can't seem to find a single reporter tackling the two candidates running for high office regarding how they would have handled the federal response differently. I really want to know. If the levee system in this country is a complete and utter failure, and the nation's food supply is imperiled, I think that is something the country should know.

MSNBC and NBC News recently reported that the floods in the Midwest have left the Red Cross in the Red. It was reported that the charity's "domestic Disaster Relief Fund had been wiped out by flood relief expenses that had reached $15 million by Monday[, June 16, 2004]." It was further reported that "[w]ith a balance of zero in the fund, the Red Cross will now seek loans to support its 2,500 staff workers and volunteers on the ground in Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois and Missouri, the officials said." Nonprofit Law Prof Blog
This isn't even on CNN.com's front page anymore and MSNBC.com has a tiny square off to the side. The Red Cross is using Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, RSS and Wordpress.com in their disaster response efforts.