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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dunbar Village One Year Later

Last week marked one year since the brutal attack on a mother and her child in a place called Dunbar Village.

Now the city officials are reporting that after the addition of lighting security cameras, and security patrols the crime rate has been cut IN HALF.

The prosecution is pretty much in the same place it was a little under a year ago. Four suspects are in custody, the four they have physical evidence on. One of the four has plead out and will be deposed by attorneys in the coming weeks.

You don't want to rush a prosecution because the state only gets one shot to get a conviction in this case, but it looks like there is a possibility that the remaining attackers may not be prosecuted anytime soon.

Belohlavek also says there are other potential suspects in the investigation, but so far detectives have no physical evidence linking them to the crime scene.CBS12

The victim said that there were up to ten and I spoke with someone who we have mercilessly criticized on this blog and they claim that the masterminds aren't even in custody. I'm beginning to believe them.

Mr. Shadow, who frequently comments on this blog did a post Called DUNBAR VILLAGE: One Year Later, Part Two.

This atrocity led me to become a blogger and has truly opened my eyes to the violence that Black women and Black girls are subjected to by Black males. So this has become a crusade for me and a story that I will not be letting go of. Ever. Universal Blackness
It was an atrocity, wasn't it? Not just the HORROR of the details of the crime, but that these Black women and children were left to rot and die. Nobody cared if they lived under the tyranny of gang violence. The city was building high rise office buildings and tourist promenades instead of purchasing light bulbs and security cameras.

The fact that they have cut crime in half and gotten conditions to the point that people feel safe being outside their own homes is an indictment of the City of West Palm Beach and the Housing Authority. Why did a Black woman and her child have to be sacrificial offerings for the LANDLORD to provide fit and habitable housing?

One year later, how has hearing about the Dunbar Village gang rape affected how you view the world? Did it impact you the way it impacted Mr. Shadow? Feel free to share in the comments.

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