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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Blogging While Brown YouTube Coverage From Black Interactive TV

The folks from Black Interactive TV have a sizable number of mini clips from the conference

Brian Willis and Shawn Williams from Dallas South Blog, and Theo from Theo Talks at breakfast.

Gina introduces Jordan from Free Press right before his presentation on net neutrality.

The dynamic duo, Angela Benton and Markus Robinson from Black Web 2.0. All of our workshops rocked!We had some truly talented and gifted people presenting at Blogging While Brown

Blogger Rights Panel - Kristal and Attorneymom

Attorneymom from Character Corner and Kristal from Pocketbook Protest broke down copyright and derivative works, terms of use and work for hire.

Podcasting 101- Fanshen and Heidi from Mixed Chicks Chats

Heidi and Fanshen discuss the benefits and drawbacks of Talkshoe vs Blog Talk Radio.

Luncheon Panel Gone Wild

I hadn't left me seat at this point :) Tamera from Black Life by GLAM Media is speaking.

The Infamous Five Minute Break ( Turned into 15)

Shout Out To All of the Sponsors

Lunch Break