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Thursday, July 17, 2008

BREAKING:Have Bernie Mac and Jesse Jackson Been Referred to the SCAN Licensing Board?- WAOD Demands an OPEN Hearing

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On Saturday, I wrote a post on Bernie Mac's performance at a Barack Obama event (Bernie Mac Embarrasses the HEY-ELL OUT OF Barack Obama: Acolytes Shut It DOWN! ) Subsequently, I was emailed an intercepted urgent communique indicating that this weekend both Jesse Jackson and comedian Bernie Mac were referred to SCAN (Secret Council of American Negroes).

I have no doubt that the Obama Acolytes *shivers* are behind this. Every Black person that has violated the 11th Commandment has been threatened with having their Black Pass revoked. This is a very serious turn of events to have both of them referred to the Blackness Assessment Committee of the SCAN Licensing Board in the same week. In addition the communique has indicated that Obama Acolytes have finally won a majority on the Blackness Assessment Committee. If this is true, these are perilous times for us all.


I don't care one way or the other about Bernie, however, Jesse Jackson marched with MLK. Having reviewed Covenant Between Black Americans, I believe it provides that every Black person who marched with Dr. King obtained a Black Pass in for life under Section 567.08(a)2B of the Covenant Between Black Americans. Section 567.08(a)2B provides:

Any person having shown that they were in the vicinity of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. during a march, demonstration, sermon or speech shall retain possession of their "Black Pass" in perpetuity. This subsection shall extend to those assembled on sidewalks during said marches, speeches or demonstrations and those who contemplated attending, yet changed their mind at the last minute and stayed home....They MEANT to go.
In other words, they can never have their Black Passes revoked no matter what they may have done or not done in the 40 years since King's death. If they marched with King, as many of them are fond of reminding us, then they are exempt. END. OF. STORY. Therefore SCAN or any of its committees, subcommittees or licensing boards have NO JURISDICTION to review an application to revoke Jackson's Black Pass. In addition to people who marched with Dr. King, it is my understanding that some entertainers, athletes, Black employees of Viacom and Black billionaires are also exempt from SCAN review as well.

Apparently the Obama Acolytes are attempting to have the grandfather clause revoked as it applies to this year's presidential election. They are claiming some kind of exception to Section 567.08(a)2B called the 1600 Pennsylvania Rule which states, in part:

Notwithstanding any other section of the Covenant, in the event that any person of African American descent gets within one mile of the presidency, all other sections of this Covenant shall be superseded by the 11th Commandment.
I do not believe that there is any 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Exception. The Acolytes have made two previous attempts at similar measures with John Lewis and Andrew Young, but this time the communique indicated that they MAY have obtained a majority on the Black Assessment Committee.

How is this possible? Jesse Jackson was the first Black man to win a presidential primary. He coined "I am SOMEBODY."

Do any of y'all remember his David and Goliath speech at the Tendley Street Baptist Church?

What about his keynote addresses at the Democratic National Convention? And who can forget Jackson beating back all of the HATER-AID thrown at Obama during Tavis Smiley's State of the Black Union? Remember back when a whole lot of Black folks were NOT on the bandwagon, Jackson hopped on without PUBLIC reservation.

Despite recent revelations of "improprieties" and "issues." The man made Black history and he coined the phrase "Obamarama" I thought that qualified for a permanent exemption from the SCAN Licensing Board review. This is setting a very bad precedent. The Acolytes are so cut throat. *shivers*

The man is over 50 years old. Thats far too old to have to endure the rigors of a SCAN review. Do the Acolytes have any compassion? NOPE! No one is immune. No one is exempt. There are no accidents when it comes to the 11th commandment.

If this is true, I am going to demand that the hearing be conducted IN PUBLIC via podcast. I know that they are a "secret" council, however there is no room for secrecy from SCAN on this very serious matter. All of America must be able to throw open the doors of SCAN and see this process for ourselves. If the Obama Acolytes have obtained a majority on the SCAN Black Assessment Committee then NONE of us are safe. We must demand some transparency from SCAN on this. It is the only way to insure fairness. I DEMAND AN OPEN HEARING! SCAN's policy decisions and edicts have import on all of Black America and secrecy cannot be used to cloak the Acolytes and their chicanery.

P.S. My people... CALM DOWN. It is a long way to November. Pace yourselves. This thing hasn't even gotten started yet. Wait until October.