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Thursday, July 31, 2008

BWB Roundup Podcast- Clarissa Goodlett from Color of Change and Necole from NecoleBitchie.com are on 8:00PM CST

Okay. So we are going to give our two lunchtime panelists from Blogging While Brown an opportunity to speak!

We had a panel about new media and online activists and their relationship with old media and old guard civil rights groups and whether there are gulfs between the two groups and whether bloggers and online activists should even bother to try. The panel went off on an unexpected tangent about money so I have invited our two panelists to the roundtable where they will get to talk about what I wanted to talk about at the conference.

Necole will be on at 8:00PM CST and Clarissa will join us at 8:30PM. In addition we will be talking with Clarissa about Color of Change's campaign on behalf of the family of LaVena Johnson.

The call in number is 646-478-4750
8:00PM CST

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