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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dunbar Village Teens Still Wilding Out-- Attack on 3-Year Old baby

"There's a big difference between security and actually feeling safe."

Not a month ago, the city of West Palm Beach was cooing over the 50% decrease in crime in Dunbar Village. 50% of "entirely too much" is still "too much." This past week the tyranny of violent teenagers returned to Dunbar Village. There were two separate attacks in less than a week. Once victim was a 3 year old boy(um where was his mama?):

Wallson's mother, Jolene La Rose, had briefly left her son playing outside and says the attack started because the thirteen year old wanted her son's scooter. She called the police when she returned outside and couldn't find her son. When officers arrived they eventually found the three year old naked and bloody. La Rose says the thirteen year old repeatedly beat her son in the head with a broom handle. "His face is big, the nose is bleeding, the mouth is bleeding," says his mother. WPTV
The second attack was on a 52 year old mother and her teenage son:

Jocelyne Dieu Juste's eighteen year old son was attacked Thursday night by three other teens, who neighbors say do not live in the housing project. When his mother jumped in to try and stop the fight, the teens started punching her. Dieu Juste is 52 years old and a mother of five. "I don't want this to happen no more. I don't bother nobody, I want nobody to bother me," says Dieu Juste. WPTV
So much for security cameras and security guards. The further away we get from the attack that made Dunbar Village infamous, the more the Tyranny of Violent Teens appears to be returning to Dunbar Village. I think the residents summed it up succinctly:

"I think it's not safe. It's not really, really safe for the people living down there," says Jolene La Rose.

Read about the horrific Dunbar Village attack that brought it to this blog's attention. Someone told me that we've written over 500 pages about this place.