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Monday, July 14, 2008

We're in the San Francisco Chronicle Too- Museum of Racist Memorabilia

I got a call from the San Francisco Chronicle on my way out the door to water aerobics.

*BEGIN OFF TOPIC* My instructor is crazed. She thought it would be "cute" to have us basically tread water for 15 minutes. "Now try doing it without touching the bottom of the pool! You can do it!" Yes I can, but will I be able to walk tomorrow is the pertinent question. We did jumping jacks, cross country skiing, rode an imaginary bicycle forward and backwards, cheerleader kicks and many other things that should only be attempted by members of the US OLYMPIC Synchronized Swimming Team. Water aerobics is not supposed to hurt once you leave the pool. I just thought I would share my pain with others ;( *END OFF TOPIC*

The Chronicle was getting my opinion on Michelle Obama and the New Yorker debacle.

A few weeks ago, McCauley started a Michelle Obama Watch blog to monitor media images and portrayals of the potential first lady. "We're in new ground here with how we deal with two African Americans running for the White House. It will test white liberals in ways that they never have been before. And it will test African Americans, too." Obama will be scrutinized during the campaign, as will African Americans by extension, she said. "It's a process we have to go through, as a country." San Francisco Chronicle

The "theme" of my interview is that I am so tired of Liberals acting as if they don't understand why Black people would be offended by caricatures. Somehow they should be exempt, but the conservatives should be raked over the coals because somehow conservatives are inherently racist and liberals are immune.

You can print whatever you want to but don't feign ignorance. There is a LOOOOONG history of cartoons being used as an powerful weapon to the system of racial oppresion in this country. Any time you dabble in cartooning Black people, you should do so being aware of that history.

I highly recommend that the entire staff of the New Yorker or any other Liberal Elite media outlets that decide to dabble in racial stereotypes take a gander over at the Museum of Racist Memorabilia for something we like to call historical CONTEXT. Black folks aren't just pulling this outrage out of the air. Jim Crow only ended about 40 years ago. Here is a list of the pages of information offered by the museum which is located at Ferris State University and I encourage reporters to call them and talk to someone who can provide some historical context. THAT WOULD BE YOU MR. NEW YORKER EDITOR!!!

Selected Videos JCM Fundraising Video
Why I Collect Racist Objects Future Home of the JCM
Our Values Our Vision
About the Museum FAQ
Who Was Jim Crow? What Was Jim Crow?
Related Links Other Information Jezebel Stereotype
Brute Caricature Mammy Caricature
Picaninny Caricature Coon Caricature
Tom Caricature The Tragic Mulatto
Nigger and Caricatures Golliwog Caricature
Racist Cartoons New Racist Forms
JCM Virtual Tour Nat Caricature
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