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Sunday, July 13, 2008

What About Jesse Jackson's Daughter? Acolytes Gone Wild

Some of you have emailed me copies of Najee Ali's open letter to Jesse Jackson where he invokes the full name of Jesse's ten year old daughter with Karin Stanford. This letter was posted on both Eurweb and NPR. It can't be gossip if its on NPR, right?

In the open letter, LA Activist Najee Ali, invoked the name of Jackson's ten year old daughter in attacking Jesse Sr., provides details regarding the Jackson family's alleged treatment of the child and then throws in a barb alleging that it was Jesse, Jr. that leaked the story about Senior's affair with Stanford. I had suspected that Al Sharpton did it :)

I don't like grown folks using children as weapons in their warfare so I am going to say Ali crossed a line by revealing details of this child's life or the fact that she allegedly has been ignored by Jesse, Jr. This issue should have been about Jesse and Barack, not a ten year old child. We all know Jackson is an absentee father, we didn't need the gory details.

I also have to cry foul about showing a picture of this child on internet websites. The only purpose of this open letter was to hurt Jackson, but in the process you exposed the very private life of a child. Jesse screwed up on Fox, not his daughter. Her classmates don't need to know she's been rejected by her father's family.

You Obama Acolytes need to slow your roll. Its okay to support and defend a candidate, but don't use kids to do it. Whether you like it or not, I suspect that that little girl loves her Daddy, absentee or not. Just because you are mad at her father doesn't give you leave to use her as a weapon against him. Leave her out of grown folk's games. You can't be a champion of the exploitation of Black women and girls and then turn around and use a ten year old child to gratuitously attack her father. You have to lack a great deal of creativity if you could not have come up with unlimited legitimate criticisms you could lob at Jackson without acting as the National Black Enquirer.

Now if her MOTHER has written the letter then MAYBE I would feel differently, but a purported family acquaintance of dubious motivations? Sorry, flag on the play.