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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Update on Sharpton Watch - He didn't know???

When I got home today, there was a comment on the blog that indicated that the e-mails were not going through and that she had actually called the National Action Network at 212-690-3070 and was treated very rudely.

I called the National Action Network this afternoon. The person answering the phone indicated that they were unaware of the DL Hughley situation. I read her the comments and she gasped and put me on hold.

The girl was actually polite. She thanked me for the information and said she would look it up and pass it on to Reverend Sharpton.

I don't know how he wouldn't know. I sent the man an e-mail a week ago. So we'll give Rev. Al the benefit of the doubt. In the meantime I suggest that the National Action Network utilize a modern convenience called a Google News Alert because people in the blogoshpere have been talking about Sharpton's silence on the DL Hughley situation for almost a week if not more.

For those of you on Sharpton Watch. Today is Day 3 of Al Sharpton officially ignoring the comments of DL Hughley on The Tonight Show regarding the women of Rutgers. You can call 212-690-3070 and ask them WHY he's been SILENT on these comments.

Thank you posters for letting me know about your effort and the response from the National Action Network. If you call, drop a comment to let us konw their response.

Update: I knew I had gotten a response from them. I checked my e-mail and as far back as May 10th, they sent me an e-mail acknowledging receipt of my initial letter about DL Hughley.