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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Featured Activism of the Day

It has been a while since we had a Featured Activism of the Day post. So I actually have several posts about things other people around the globe are doing to combat the War On Black Women. As always if you know of someone else doing their thing, drop me a line.

You need to see the trailer for the documentary NO! "A documentary on rape, sexual abuse and domestic violence against black women in the black community . The documentary ”NO!” is a must see for those who are concerned for the health, safety and well-being of black women living in America." (source)

Tolerance.org has a very insightful series examining misogyny in Hip Hop music. The Article is entitled "Hip Hop's bad Rap?" Mind you, this took place TWO years ago, but the site is very informative and actually has tips to fight hate. If you want a list of all of their articles on combating hate and hip hop, you can click here.

The Black Agenda Report has an excellent article on the business model behind hip hop music called" Hip Hop Profanity, Misogyny and Violence: Blame the Manufacturer"Vital information in Defunding the War On Black Women. We have to know where the money is going.

And Ya Dont Stop!: Rappers To Spit 24 Hours Of Non-Explicit Rap. Well, it's a start. They're trying to Rap for 24 hours straight without cursing. Its sad that spewing profanity-free for a day is news, but we have to applaud the effort. ( We don't but we will).

Big Ups to Michelle Malkin and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Apparently when the video of Akon abusing a 15 year old girl on stage hit the internet, the Universal Music Group ( the bastion to human rights and dignity) had it yanked from YouTube and sent cease and desist letters all over the internet. Michelle fought back. If you are going to peddle filth and th abuse of women and girls, you should be put on BLAST. If there is nothing wrong with your artist. Why be afraid?

To Rap things up, I want to feature this report from Why Black Women Are Angry. She is talking the the whole Opie and Anthony ridiculousness . She sums it up. I couldn't do any better.

For those of you on Sharpton Watch. Today is Day 4 of Al Sharpton officially ignoring the comments of DL Hughley on The Tonight Show regarding the women of Rutgers. Why don't you take time and use some of your anytime minutes to ask him why by calling 212-690-3070.