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Friday, May 18, 2007

Video Contest to Promote Positive Images of Black Women

For all of you tired of the never ending string of negative images in television, movies, and music videos, have I got the contest for YOU. A site called SuperSistas is holding their first annual video contest to celebrate positive images of African American women. *GASP* Yes, they actually are soliciting POSITIVE images. So pick yourself off of the floor and get you or the creative people in your life busy. You could win up to $500 for fighting the War Against Black Women. They might even make me dust off my handycam! Here are the details:

This Summer join us for positive messages and winning visions of Sistas. A total of $1000 will be awarded for the best videos under 10 minutes long.Use the clips on SuperSistas.com for inspiration OR present your own idea of what it means to be a winner in mind, body and spirit. Videos must be your original work and may be action, comedy, music videos, drama or whatever! Absolutely no pornography or profanity accepted. Contest is open to all ethnicities, male and female and all skill levels. Age 16+

Deadline for submissions is Sunday, July 1, 2007.
Learn more by going to their site.
I KNEW that there were people out there waging the good fight who weren't being covered by mainstream media. Just because ABC. NBC, and CBS don't cover it, does not meant that people aren't outraged about the negative portrayal of African American women. Nor does it mean that they aren't doing what they can to fight those images. KEEP THE LINKS COMING!

For those of you on Sharpton Watch. Today is Day 5 of Al Sharpton officially ignoring the comments of DL Hughley on The Tonight Show regarding the women of Rutgers. Why don't you take time and use some of your anytime minutes to ask him why by calling212-690-3070. Another number in regard to the Rev. Al situation, reach out to Rachel Nordman in the media office at 212 876 5444 or email RevAlmedia@yahoo.com.