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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Update on Sharpton Watch - Day 4

I understand some of you have experienced some rude treatment by one of the people answering the telephone at the National Action Network. Reader Zabeth has some alternative contact information:

Another number in regard to the Rev. Al situation, reach out to Rachel Nordman in the media office at 212 876 5444 or email RevAlmedia@yahoo.com.

We've given him the benefit of the doubt so far. As early as May 10th, I sent an e-mail to Rev. Al. now I don't want to conclude that Rev. Al was merely using the women of Rutgers to carry out his mission of toppling Imus, but his silence on DL Hughley's comments on The Tonight Show are calling me to question his sincerity[sic].

For those of you on Sharpton Watch. Today is Day 4 of Al Sharpton officially ignoring the comments of DL Hughley on The Tonight Show regarding the women of Rutgers. Why don't you take time and use some of your anytime minutes to ask him why by calling 212-690-3070.