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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Chair of the National Congress of Black Women Responds to My Open Letter - Now I feel guilty.

I knew this was going to happen. I was reluctant to criticize anyone that is doing anything. Then I criticize and they respond and now I feel guilty. Hence why I didn't want to criticize them in the first place. Did I mention that I feel guilty now? Although they did not respond to my e-mails when I notified them about the DL Hughley situation, I just got an e-mail in response to my open letter to the National Congress of Black Women from Dr. E. Faye Williams. I could have deleted my earlier post to cover my tracks, but I'll leave it up as my penance. Here is Dr. William's response to my letter. I am thoroughly chastened.


I am sorry you feel that way you do; however, I have never received an e-mail from you regarding this matter.

Vanity is not a word that describes our work. We have paid the price for being on this case for nearly 15 years, and when we started we had no help from anyone other than Melba Moore, Dionne Warwick, Dick Gregory and Joe Madison.

I don't know what Ron Allen is talking about. He stood on the street and was not allowed in the meeting. I purchased stock and went into the meeting, spoke and no one drowned me out.

We have never stopped working on this subject, including talking with and getting responses from advertisers. We are not rookies on this subject. We have a coalition of nearly 40 women heads of organizations. We meet at least once per week, and we have on going conversations with producers, promoters, shareholders, artists and advertisers. I have no idea where you're getting your information, but we are working on the issue, and as for me, I don't get paid a dime.

As a matter of fact, I use my own funds. Everyone has a responsibility to work on this issue--not just those of us who work for non-profit groups and those of us who have many issues on which to work for others. Neither of us can give 100% of our time to any issue, but we do the very best that we can on limited resources.

We listen to others moan and groan and complain about what we are not doing right, while they do nothing--right or wrong. We go to jail. We receive the nasty notes. We risk our credibility and reputations--as well as our lives --often with little or no thanks--but we do it because we are committed to our people.

If you know how to do this better than we are doing it, I'm willing to help you, but please refrain from criticizing those of us who are working and giving this and other subjects of interest to our people all we have. Please go to our website at www.npcbw.org to see some of the other work we do, and it you have questions, I will be more than happy to respond. The website does not tell the whole story of what we do for no charge to any of our critics.

If you wish to join our coalition and work, please let me know.


Dr. E. Faye Williams, Esq.
National Chair
National Congress of Black Women, Inc.
1224 W Street, SE, Suite 200
Washington, DC 20020

Let me take this time to apologize to Dr. Williams for being a little snot. Go to their site and read about the work that they are doing. I may have to pry open my wallet to ease my guilty conscience. Behind all of these organizations are real live human beings with hearts and souls just like the rest of us. They have feelings too. This is what I get for backseat driving. Y'all work with me in my evolution as a responsible blogger. (Did I really say that they held a "vanity" protest? That was harsh even for moi.) What a way to end positive posting week!