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Monday, June 11, 2007

Russell Simmons Throws Hissy Fit on NPR When Questioned about Misogyny in Music

"Hip Hop has done more for race relations than the Civil Rights Movement"
Russell Simmons, Professional Hip Hop Apologist
I guess Yoga practice isn't making Hip Hop's Apologist-In-Chief calm, mellow and peaceful. Apparently the whole Imus bru haha came at a really bad time for Russey. He's trying to hock his book "Do You", but all people want to talk about is commercial Hip Hop. Listen to a hysterical interview on NPR. Her intro is classic when she describes the profanity spewing Simmons trying to sell a book about peace and happiness through his Buddhist faith while cursing people out and storming out of interviews. The highlight of the interview is when she is describes Russell storming out during the interview.