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Friday, June 22, 2007

Russel Simmons says Rappers are Like Jesus

I'm not comparing rappers to Jesus(though I do believe he would be hanging out with rappers if he were walking the earth today- they both love poor people and love to tell the truth), but I will say that rappers are living, breathing testaments to the power of vision. From "Do You!" by Russell Simmons.

I was minding my own business on my weekly trip to my public library when who do I see grinning back at me from the "New Arrivals" display, none other than Hip Hop's Apologist-in-Chief, the Dean of the Russell Simmons School of Obfuscation and Redirection himself, Russell Simmons.

Since my tax dollars had already been directed to his publisher and I love to read the writings of folks I disagree with, I decided to check it out. Well I got as far as page 25 before I had one of my “moments.” Did he really say that the Prince of Peace would be kicking it with Hip Hop artists? Did he really say that Hip Hop artists love poor people? Did he really say that Hip Hop artist love to tell the truth?

I am going to force myself to continue reading this book, but I want to hear from you. If you have read the book, I want to have you on the Black Women’s Round Table so we can discuss it. If the rest of the book is like this, we’ll have plenty to discuss. Don’t go buy it, borrow it, or go read it at the bookstore.

Everybody keeps trying to act as if Russell Simmons is like Yoda. He’s not like Yoda, he’s more like Palpatine. Hip Hop is not the Rebellion; it’s the EMPIRE. Don’t sleep.

For those of you expecting Part II of the First Amendment Hypocrites, you’ll have to wait one more day. Sometimes life doesn’t cooperate with my plans.