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Friday, June 29, 2007

Viacom Uses "blackface" Cartoon to Promote New Show.

I was doing some research for that project I have been waiting on related to boycotting BET's advertisers so I HAD to go to their website. While I was there I saw that they have a new show called " Hot Ghetto Mess." I knew it couldn't be good, but when I clicked on the BET.com page for the show, I was shocked to see them utilizing a sambo-like character to promote the show. Above the graphic is an ad for AT&T. Beside the graphic is an ad for the Dodge Avenger.

The graphic for the show is a a cartoon in "blackface" with a circle aorund it and a line drawn through it. I guess the message is that African American who are "ghetto" are " Golliwoggs" or "pickaninnies" ?

What will it take for African American people to realize that Viacom and its employees either HATE or are CONTEMPTUOUS of African American people? There is clearly such a culture of disrespect within the Viacom organization that NO ONE saw anything wrong with displaying an advertisement for DaimlerChrysler and AT&T along side this graphic. There is clearly no corporate conscience within that organization. This proves it folks! It is late, but I wanted to get the word out about this now.

I called the NBC news desk and of course the person who answered was not African American and didn't quite grasp what my objection was. As usual we'll have to do the hard work ourselves folks. Don't count on MSM to get this one for about TWO months!