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Friday, June 29, 2007

"Stop Listening to Trash" Billboard Campaign Continues to Spread - "Rapper" Responds

I am telling you folks are ready for a change. I don't know how long this public angst is going to last, but everyday we hear a new story about ordinary folks drawing a line in the stand. Not the NAACP, not Rainbow Push, not National Action Network and their brethren, but regular folks.

Last week we told y'all about the " Stop Listening to Trash" campaign started by a church in Chicago. Well this week the news keeps spreading. I am telling y'all people are hungry for change. Anyway, CNN now has the story covered, and SOHH is reporting that Twista ( whoever that is) has responded. Pull out the tissue and pull out a shot glass. Let's count how many times he blames "society" for the words that come out of HIS mouth. He is clearly a student of the Russell Simmons School of Obfuscation and Redirection.

"People need to stop blaming music for the things that go wrong because it's the people doing things that are doing them and not the music. The money from those billboards could easily be going to help make the schools in Chicago better, which will help make the city better. People don't seem to want to help and solve the problem but just want to find things to blame for what is going on. I love the city and give back whenever I can. I've been a supporter of schools like the Choir Academy for years and think it's important to give back so that we can improve the city to get rid of some things that are going on."

Just be a man and say you like to talk about misogyny, crime, violence and drugs already. Notice how these artists love to deflect criticism by trying to dictate what people should exercise their FIRST AMENDMENT right to dissent. I refer you to my series, " The First Amendment Hypocrites"

You can be part of a similar campaign launched by the folks over at African American Opinion by chipping in. You can click on the widget in the upper righthand corner.
F.Y.I. that TMZ Roboho story I wrote about THREE DAYS AGO has finally hit the majors, Eurweb, SOHH, Bossip and YBF are covering it. But y'all saw it here first ( well technically second)