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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Enjoy The Best Of WAOD - After Imus: Now What

I think I have made the original point of this blog. If you stop funding foolishness, it will go away.

I admire Jameela Donaldson for sticking with it for what must have been three long years of catching pure hell. I don't agree with your methods, but I have to admire you for hanging in there for so long.

Enjoy some of our archived posts and see how we ended up here. Don't worry. I ain't going to shut down the blog , just hand over day to day operations to some other bloggers for a while while I work on some movement building issues. Our new writers will be starting on Friday. I had to get them time to get their stuff together. I'll still be around and working feverishly in the background on logistics and strategy.

Folks remember that a blog is not an organization. It is a benevolent dictatorship. It is merely the outgrowth of an individual's personality and passion. So imagine what ever small demand you make on a blogger and multiply that by 1000 for all the other people that make their tiny demands. All those tiny little demands like " ad me to your blogroll" ( which is tacky by the way), or "I got this project I am working on can you put it on your blog" or " I got a show, can you come on." all add up really fast. Your cooperation in these matters is appreciated.

April 18, 2007

Was anyone else discouraged after Oprah’s Town Hall Meeting ?

I think there plenty of us that are equally outraged about the portrayal of African American women in popular culture . Now we need to get organized. It is time to DEFUND THE WAR ON BLACK WOMEN! Period. End of discussion. This isn’t about artistic expression. This is about capitalism. People have a right to basically say whatever they want to, but I don’t have to subsidize it in any way. Hence the term “starving artist.”

I know that there are countless groups throughout the nation that have been fighting the good fight and have gone relatively unnoticed by MSM ( mainstream media). Nor do I think we can rely on black men to lead the charge. So if you or your organization has started a local, regional, or national effort to take ACTION, let me know and I’ll post it on this blog. If you already have a distribution list to issue calls to action. Let me know, I’ll post it. I am not trying to create a new organization, just serve as a conduit to connect like- minded people together. My technical abilities are rather limited and I have the attention span of knat, but I can manage to post on a blog to get this started. We need a Moveon.org or EMILY’s List for black women.

I’m not interested in any committees, dialogues, commissions or a task force. Those are just ways to wear passionate people out. Diane Weathers said black women should take the lead in this fight. What are we going to DO now?

July 24, 2007
HAHAH! Why didn't I listen to my own advice. It's like I am psychic or something.