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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

An Introduction to some AMAZING Black blogs!

My Black Blogging Brethren and Sisteren ( is that a word?) are preparing to take this object lesson and run with it. I hope you will visit their sites. They are some wonderful writers and passionate activists. They were here before I got here and they will be here when this blog is gone .

If you want a sampling of the diversity and vibrancy of the Black Blogoshpere or Afrosphere or whatever you call it, you can take a glimpse at some aggregator sites with a wide sampling of Black bloggers.

The First is Bronze Trinity's Afrospehere Pageflakes Newspaper. Make sure you click on all four tabs.

- Carries live feeds from countless numbers of Black bloggers.

African American Opinion - Contains cross postings from Black bloggers on a number of issues.