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Monday, July 16, 2007

We're at DEFCON 2 - Yes, We Have to Attempt to Reach Viacom

Continue to contact your US Senators and Representative. If you need language to put in your e-mail, you can find it here in one of our previous posts.

Even though they may try to foist this off on BET, we also need to contact VIACOM's leadership. I can't believe they haven't intervened in this foolishness and told Reginald Hudlin to go sit down somewhere. Tell them you have a problem with them broadcasting a show that is the derivative of a website that contains rampant nudity, photographs of very young children being abused and neglected, and is being used as a tool for internet bullies to torment teenagers. Tell them that you have a problem with Viacom using a racist cartoon character to promote a TV show.

Here is an internet contact form, ( I selected "Viewer Services and "BET Networks") but I tried to track down info so that you could call and e-mail members of the board as well.

Ask them to please intervene and stop BET from airing the dehumanizing "Hot Ghetto Mess" on July 25th. Tell them that we've contacted advertisers, they've pulled out, but BET is still unrelenting.

1515 Broadway
New York, NY 10036
(212) 258-6000 ( They will try to pass you off to BET. I promise. Ask for the President and CEO's office. At least try to ascertain if they even KNOW about HGM)

Remember, that these folks don't work FOR Viacom. They are high level people in their own right. You can see the text of my e-mail over at The War on Black Women, our overflow site ( I get long winded on occasion)

Blyth J. McGarvie Bmcgarvie@LIFgroup.com, 757-345-3595
William Schwartz - william.schwartz@cwt.com
Sheri Redstone - sredstone@nationalamusements.com - 781-461-1600( the email is a guess, but my e-mail hasn't come back undeliverable)
Robert K. Kraft ( still looking)
Thomas Dooley ( still looking)
George Abrams ( still looking)
Charles E. Phillips ( President of Oracle. Still looking for contact info. He's a Hampton and NYU grad anybody got access to the one of those schools' alumni databases?)

Check out this awesome article written by Mo Kelly- " BET: Staying True to Its Ghetto Mess Legacy" Yesterday was a good press day for BET. Aided by members of the Los Angeles press corp, they tried to make it seem as if once again, anyone who dares criticisms is irrational or paranoid. Mo'Kelly explains why BET only has itself to blame for our legitimate distrust.

UPDATE(AM): Reading the BET press release disguised as an AP wire report by LYNN ELBER of the AP BEVERLY HILLS, I thought that reporters had given Hudlin a pass at the TCAs. NOt so fast, my friends, the real deal is beginning to emerge. BET didn't do so awesome afterall. Check out the accompanying photo of Jam Donaldson. This ain't that kind of site. I'll leave this one to my much more talented entertainment blogging brethren.