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Monday, July 30, 2007

Do We have to Boycott the Superbowl Next? CNN Sports Contributor Says Dog Fighting Worse than Rape?

"Keep in mind, too, that while Kobe Bryant is a situation we can sort of compare this to, this (dog fighting) really is much worse. Not only can you argue that the crimes are much worse in terms of, you know, killing dogs and that kind of thing."

~ Larry Smith, CNN Comparing Michael Vick to Kobe Bryant

Hat Tip to Sandra Rose.

HOLY MOTHER OF GOD! SWEET JESUS! TAKE ME NOW LORD! TAKE.ME.NOW! ( Gina picks herself off the floor)

I called it. I told y'all that somebody was going to say or do something stupid and make me come off my posting vacation. DAMN YOU LARRY SMITH! Damn You!

Now I know plenty of folk who love Fido to pieces, but COME ON! Larry! baby! A dog is an animal, and although people are part of the animal kingdom, we typically confer some extra status to those animals frequently referred to as human beings. I know it is hard to believe, but girls and women are human beings too Larry!

The violent sexual assault of girls and women is a very serious allegation, worthy of some serious contemplation before using it as an example in the latest brouhaha over yet another grown man who plays a game for a living allegedly engaging in stupid, inhumane, FOOLISHNESS!

Now, if the allegations against Michael Vick are true, then he should be thrown under the jail, however, that is going to be left up to a judge or jury. I am reserving judgment.

I think Larry Smith's comments are very telling and instructive. Is this the way that the great thinkers within the Professional Sports Industrial Complex feel about violent crimes against women and girls? If this is way Larry, a seemingly reasonable human being, feels, what about the less enlightened( I am being kind today)? Sisters and Brethren, WE'VE GOT A PROBLEM!

So my question is this: IN light of the never ending FOOLISHNESS directed at women by the Professional Sports Industrial Complex, what would happen if the women of America stopped funding foolishness for just ONE day?


Don't think women could affect a male dominated industry? What would happen on Superbowl Sunday if women patted the men in our lives on the head, pointed them in the direction of the closest sports bar, and shoved them out the door? What would happen if we didn't slave away making sweetish meatballs, Killer Queso, 7-Layer Dip, and hot wings? What if the chips and dips aisle was full of product on that Sunday afternoon?

No fighting long lines at the grocery store. No watching idiotic commercials and ridiculously long pregame shows. No having 30 people traipse on our good carpet and sit on our good furniture. What if we sent the menfolk on their way and kicked back and watched one of those inane Lifetime Original movies on Superbowl Sunday?WHAT if we stopped funding foolishness for just ONE day? I bet they'd figure out REALLY fast that FIDO has no financial resources. Women do! It is about time we started pointing that out to the simpletons in the Professional Sports Industrial Complex.

I'm not saying we ought to do it.... I am just throwing it out there. That. Is. All. ( Gina heads back on her posting vacation)

(See Full Transcript of Smith's Comments)

SPEAKING OF MICHAEL VICK... THE NAACP is weighing in. At least now we know why they didn't bother holding a press conference regarding THAT SHOW. Maybe I should learn how to throw a ball.