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Sunday, July 15, 2007

What about HER Daughter?

Recent News
BET EXECS DEFEND "Hot Ghetto Mess"

BET wants to profit and exploit the website HotGhettoMess.com, but they don't want the derivative show to be associated with the website? Well, they ARE in Hollywood so they can create whatever fantasy they want to justify their behavior. The truth is BET cannot divorce itself from the website. They are married for as long as the show seeks ratings and media by calling it by the same name. The truth is that Jamilla Donaldson is a grown Black woman who has nothing better to do than humiliate children:

"I am the mother of the teenager who was exposed on your website. She was at her senior prom and someone snapped a photo while she was dancing and submitted it to your website. Her breast had come out of her dress and she was bending over while looking back during a dance position. She had no idea this had happened and is very humiliated by this." Comment From HotGhettoMess.com

Zero information? I don't think so. Reginald Hudlin clearly thinks that working class Black people are trash or pawns for whatever bizarre social experiment BET wants to conduct on us (THIS TIME). Jamilla Donaldson has a law school education and is using her training and experience to torment poor people, children, and victims of internet bullying. These are two Black people who have been given every privilege society has to offer and they are using that to exploit working class Black people who don't have the defenses to protect themselves. Hudlin and Donaldson can use their privilege to buffer themselves from their decisions.

Who is going to protect the teenage girl whose mother had to beg Jamilla Donaldson in front of the word to end the humiliation of her daughter on her PROM NIGHT? What About THIS Woman's Daughter? Is she just collateral damage so Donaldson and Hudlin can make a point and make a buck?

Please stop quoting Charles Hamilton Houston Jamilla. You spit on his legacy by tormenting the poor and uneducated on a daily basis.

Notice AGAIN that the AP news article only includes quotes from Jamilla and Reginald Hudlin. For some reason Los Angeles-based reporters don't want to talk to critics of the show the appear to want to only provide Jamilla and Reggie Hudlin an unfettered ability to spin this their way.