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Sunday, July 15, 2007

I'm Not Giving Up But I AM Going to Sleep -We'll Live to Fight Another Day

Tomorrow is another day. It has been reported that BET is continuing with "Hot Ghetto Mess" There is nothing else I can do about it tonight so I am going to catch up some much needed rest.

It is clear that we are dealing with some supernatural evil over at Beelzebub Entertainment Television. SO those of you who have a higher power on speed dial, do your thing.

Right now. Don't wait ANOTHER minute. You need to e-mail your United States Representative and indicate that you support Cable Choice. Then you need to e-mail your United States Senator and tell them that you support cable choice. In your contact message you need to put the URL for HotGhettoMess.com and indicate that Viacom's BET is going to broadcast a show of the same name that the network has described as a "car wreck you can't look away from". The original site features toddlers in a abusive and neglectful conditions, teenaged girls victimized by their high school enemies, and rampant nudity. If this is programming diversity, we don't need it.

Power speaks to Power. We've exercised the power of the capital markets, but because BET pulls in 80% of its revenue from compulsory cable fees, they apparently don't have to listen to advertisers either. So the next target has to be its nonadvertising revenue and THAT would be wiped out significantly if BET had to rely on people choosing to pay for as opposed to being forced to pay for it.