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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Open Letter to Ad Agencies - BET Goes Back on Word. “Hot Ghetto Mess” is still a Mess!

The blog, “What About Our Daughters?” has Sent the following letters to television advertising agencies.:

This letter is to alert you and your clients of a show airing on Black Entertainment Television tonight at 9:30PM CST called “We Got to Do Better.” The show was formerly called “Hot Ghetto Mess.” Following a public outcry, including a campaign started at my blog, “What About Our Daughters?,” Black Entertainment Television, relented and changed the name of the show as part of a compromise.

It appears as if the change in show title was just a ruse and BET intends to continue to promote the website HotGhettoMess.com by having the host, Charlie Murphy use the phrase “Hot Ghetto Mess” throughout the show. This is unacceptable and is not what we agreed to. The purpose of the name change was to sever the television show from the disgusting abominable website, HotGhettoMess.com .

If you have clients who have purchased advertising that will appear during the show, this letter serves as notice that we find it unacceptable for a corporation to associate itself with a show that promotes a website that contains photos of young African American children in abusive and neglectful conditions, teenage girls with their breasts exposed, some against their will, and a general pattern of bullying the poor, the mentally ill, the delusional and the very young.

If your clients have ads appearing in the show, please pass this on. We will keep a record of which ad agencies we sent this alert to in the event that your client becomes the subject of a boycott or protest as a result of their funding of “Hot Ghetto Mess” and you failed to inform them of the potential negative consequences of purchasing advertising on the show, whatever BET calls it.



Folks, I stayed up all night into the early morning hunting down, emailing and calling the 15 top multicultural ad agencies in this country to warn them and their clients about what BET is trying to pull. We have no way of knowing which companies are going to purchase advertising on HGM Redux, but I got money that says that by contacting these 15 ad buyers that we hit at least half of the sponsors. So when we target the advertisers, they will know that their ad agency let them walk into a hornets nest without giving them warning. NOT A GOOD THING!

IT would have been too much like RIGHT for BET to be honorable even in defeat, but NO, this is BET we're talking about here.
Aren't they tired of me yet? How do you screw up a handmade compromise? For those of you who poo pooed the name change, you were right. We should have finished them off, you cannot be reasonable with these folks. . That mistake will never be made again. I keep trying to retire and exit stage left and BET keeps yanking me back in.