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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What Black Bloggers Are Saying About BET's "We Got to DO a Better Mess"

Mo' Kelly is on a TEAR over there at the Mo' Kelly Report. Y'all know I don't believe in talking to BET, they are lying money grubbing sociopaths, but for some reason Mo' wants to talk to Jeanine Liburd, VP of Communications (her contact info is over at Mo's). I just called to tell her to talk to Mo'kelly and she was in a "conference call". FYI BET has been in a perpetual conference call for the past three weeks. Really Viacom, you should just run the place by a remote control computer. I don't think you could do worse.

Afro-Netizen is also not impressed by the name change. BET's new family values show changing its name from "Hot Ghetto Mess" to "Racism on Auto Pilot". (Or is it "We Can Do Better"?) Well, a fetid rose by any other name is still a fetid rose, right?

UPDATE(11:31) -
You guys have got to listen to the audio of Reginald Hudlin's Interview with Television critics last weekend. Things did not go well. Notice when a reporter asks them last week why they just didn't change the name. Jam basically says that they didn't need to. Also listen to her dodge her website playing fast and loose with rules about posting potentially underage girls half naked. Y'all think we caused him a little headache?

UPDATE(9:52)- Someone has commented that the blog was mentioned on CNN. When and what show? I want to post a link

Jasmyne Cannick - Excellent writer that she is, basically articulates the points I would make if I could actually write. HAHAHA! She points out BET's unique position, how BET is abusing that position. She also brings up Shirley Q. Liquor. If you don't who Shirley Q. is, you need to. Its is pretty good and she goes toe to toe with Hudlin and Donaldson. Read "We Could Do Better... But We Won't." Reporters and producers who are looking for somebody other than me for comment, contact Jasmyne or the folks over at Racialicious. They spell it out far better than I can and they will do it without sounding like a Baptist preacher trying to convert folks ( it is a blessing.. it is a curse).

Faye Anderson gets it. In "BET Must Do Better" Faye calls the name change what it is... putting lipstick on a Pig. She, like I will be putting sponsors on blast come Wednesday night. She talks about previous efforts to reign in BET and why this time has been different.