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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Tell Kathy Hughes to Put TV One on I-tunes

I have my own issues with Radio One and we can discuss those on another occasion, but recently I was curious about alternative programming for African Americans. Now TV One definitely targets grown Black folk. They recently put up a broadband channel and offer clips of their original programming. Y’all it will make you cry. Just a sputtering mess! I was like OMG where have you been all my life.

They have four channels, Comedies, News, Lifestyle, and Gospel. Click on the Video Tab at the top of the page and then select a channel.

Comedies- reruns (skip it)

News - You know cable news thinks that there are only THREE black folks who can articulate a thought on camera: Rev. Al, Rev. Jackson, and Oprah. Well This channel has amazing commentary and interviews, and Documentaries. The only drawback is my favorite preacher even has a show called Sharp Talk, but I will let that slide. UPDATE: Out of curiosity, I decided to watch the Sharp Talk clips, they actually are good as well. Rev. AL actually lets his guests talk and what they have to say about police brutality, colorism, and Hip Hop is compelling.

Gospel - Y’all it will make you cry, cry I tell ya. You know how ABC had Extreme Home Makeover? Well TV One has a show called Divine Restoration. They remodel older black churches.

Lifestyle - The big draw however, is the lifestyle channel. Michelle Singletary has her own show talking about finances ( no, buying diamond encrusted gold fronts REALLY ain’t a prudent financial decision) She has this amazing clip where she is talking about child support. They have a cooking show and some lifestyle programming, but the best show to me has got to be Black Men Revealed.

You will find Black Men Revealed clips on the Gospel, Lifestyle, and News channels. Sisters! OMG! Just. Just. OMG You gotta see this show.

I would sooo pay .99 to download the entire episodes onto my I-pod. Y’all e-mail Kathy and tell her to upload full episodes on to I-tunes for those of us who don’t have Comcast Cable.

Sisters, go watch that Black Men Revealed show.

Whereas a certain other cable network makes us want to shake our heads in disbelief, TV ONE make you want to hold your head up high.

You can send them e-mail through a viewer contact form.

It is so nice to be able to post about something other than a certain show on a certain network that shall not be mentioned again until Monday morning on this blog.